Steel pipe piles

Steel pipe piles
Steel pipe piles
Steel pipe piles
Steel pipe piles
Steel pipe piles
Steel pipe piles

We offer to supply piles made of steel pipes with a diameter of 159 to 1420 mm (wall thickness from 5 to 32 mm, depending on the required diameter), of various lengths, of our own production.

We can offer you both standard piles and non-standard piles, according to the individual requirements of the Customer.

As a rule, metal pile structures are made of seamless or electric-welded steel pipes according to GOST 8732-78, GOST 10704-91, GOST 10705-80, GOST 10706-76, GOST 20295-80, as well as various kinds of Technical Specifications (TU).

Often, to reduce the cost of the project, at non-critical facilities, steel pile structures are used from used pipes (cleaned from the inside of transported products, and outside from anti-corrosion isolation).

Types of steel piles:

Steel tapered pile consists of:

  1. tapered tip
    A. cutting along the sheet pattern, rolling, welding, joining edges, welding;
    B. cutting along the pattern at the end of the pipe, joining the edges, welding;
    C. casting of tips;
    Steel grade is specified by the Customer.
  2. pile shaft - the main part of the pile, from 2 to 12 meters, is welded to the tip, maybe both in a welded version (from a pipe in accordance with GOST 10704-91, 159 - 1420 mm), and in a seamless version (from a pipe in accordance with GOST 8732 -78, 159 - 426 mm). Depending on the region, as well as on the required operational requirements, it can be supplied in carbon steel (st.3sp/ps), structural high-quality steel (st.10/20), low-carbon steel (09G2S), as well as in other steels, with various tests at subzero temperatures.
    The pile shaft can be supplemented with coils of various lengths, based on the project;
  3. The head of the pile is the upper end of the support, on which the slab or beam of the grillage beams. That is why all the heads of the pile part of the base shall be located at the same level. Otherwise, the bearing capacity of the foundation will suffer. And the beams or slabs of the grillage will be skewed on the piles.
  4. By agreement with the Customer, we can apply the necessary anti-corrosion coating on the pile, or on a part of the pile (only the lower part, or only the upper part, or different coatings for the bottom and top of the pile), these can be simple primers, such as GF-021, powder-epoxy coatings like HEMPEL, JOTACOTE, STELPANT, AMERCOAT, etc., various kinds of enamels.
    We can completely galvanize the pile by hot-dip galvanizing (by lowering it into a zinc bath, according to GOST 9.307-89);
  5. By agreement with the Customer, the piles can be completed and modified (holes, welding, etc.).

Production stages:

  1. manufacturing of all parts of the pile (manufacturing of tips, pile shaft, coils and heads);
  2. anti-corrosion coating of the pile;
  3. marking of each pile;
  4. packaging;
  5. issuance of a passport for the shipped batch of products (on the day of loading, taking into account a specific transport unit);

It is possible to supply assembled piles (up to 12 meters for railway, up to 13 meters for Auto, up to 11.8 for 40-foot containers), and also delivery in a dismountable state, by any means of transport: tip - pile shaft - coil (if necessary) - pile head (if necessary)

This type of pile can be used in both civil and industrial construction.

Our company offers steel piles for construction:

  • buildings and structures for industrial and civil purposes;
  • supports for gas and oil pipelines;
  • foundations in swampy areas;
  • power lines, lighting masts, communication lines, bridges, etc.
  • strengthening of slopes, coastlines, soils and grounds;
  • temporary structures;
  • other;

Advantages in choosing steel pipe piles:

We supply steel piles from railway pipes and by AUTO-transport throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as to the CIS countries, the Near Abroad. We draw up all the necessary documentation (GTE, ST-1, Certificate of origin in A form, etc.);

You can send your request for the purchase of steel piles to the coordinates below.

We supply the entire range of pipe products (seamless hot-rolled and cold-rolled pipes, electric-welded pipes, large-diameter pipes, shell pipes, shaped pipes), as well as pipeline fittings (bends, tees, transitions, flanges, plugs) and construction metal products in Russia, the CIS, near and far abroad.
we are on the line:   +7 351 218-78-78,   +7 904 30-80-964

Delivery of products exactly on time
Delivery of only new and certified products of domestic production
The ability to manufacture, store and ship products for an individual production program
Pipe-in-pipe of products into steel pipes, pipes into pipes, metal into pipes (railway containers, gondola cars, cars)
Complex scope of supply, we ship various products in one transport unit
We will think over the best option for you according to the formula: delivery cost, reliability, efficiency
Convenient payment terms
Delivery directly to the facility by your own transport


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