Export for non-residents of the Russian Federation

The service of EXPORT of industrial goods and products of the metallurgical industry according to the Contract Holder scheme for non-residents of the Russian Federation.

If you are a non-resident of the Russian Federation, operating in another country, and you have a need to purchase metal products from a Russian supplier who does not have foreign economic activity, you can quickly and effortlessly purchase goods, taking into account all customs formalities, by contacting M5-EXPORT company.

Our company is ready to provide the service of exporting cargo according to the Contract Holder scheme.

Contract Holder is a package of services that includes a set of measures for conducting a foreign trade transaction with you as a foreign partner and with your Russian supplier, we will save your Russian supplier from interacting with tax and customs authorities, and we will also be able to provide you with a discount on their price.

Customs clearance of goods has its own characteristics and nuances. It is difficult for companies that are just starting to operate in the field of foreign economic activity to deal with the specifics of customs operations. Failure to comply with any requirements and restrictions may lead to a violation of the law and, as a result, to an administrative offense.

According to the statistics of the Federal Customs Service of Russia, most cases of administrative offenses are initiated upon the fact of inaccurate declaration (52%), in connection with violation of foreign exchange legislation (23%) and non-observance of prohibitions and restrictions (16%).


Why is it profitable to use this our service?

One hundred percent reliable declaration. When sending the goods, our company takes care of all export formalities, in accordance with applicable law.
Registration of a contract, transaction passport, etc. with you, as well as a supply agreement with a Russian supplier within 24 hours.
A deferred payment is possible for you, we ourselves will redeem the goods from your Russian supplier, declare it and send it to you, with subsequent payment from you within the agreed time frame.
We will make a discount for you from your Russian supplier at the expense of future VAT refunds.
It is possible to obtaine a Bank guarantee.


Procedure for the Сontract holder service for non-residents of the Russian Federation:

Procedure for the Сontract holder service for non-residents of the Russian Federation

If you are a non-resident of the Russian Federation and your company needs to purchase industrial goods and products of the metallurgical industry on the territory of the Russian Federation, but your supplier does not conduct foreign economic activity, M5-EXPORT company offers to do this on a mutually beneficial basis.

We ask you to contact on this issue at the following coordinates:

We supply the entire range of pipe products (seamless hot-rolled and cold-rolled pipes, electric-welded pipes, large-diameter pipes, shell pipes, shaped pipes), as well as pipeline fittings (bends, tees, transitions, flanges, plugs) and construction metal products in Russia, the CIS, near and far abroad.
we are on the line:   +7 351 218-78-78,   +7 904 30-80-964

Delivery of products exactly on time
Delivery of only new and certified products of domestic production
The ability to manufacture, store and ship products for an individual production program
Pipe-in-pipe of products into steel pipes, pipes into pipes, metal into pipes (railway containers, gondola cars, cars)
Complex scope of supply, we ship various products in one transport unit
We will think over the best option for you according to the formula: delivery cost, reliability, efficiency
Convenient payment terms
Delivery directly to the facility by your own transport


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